CHNE (Certified Hardware Network Engineer)


Duration- 12 Months:




  1.Fundamental of Computer 1.Networking  
  2.MS-Windows XP, Vista, 7 2.Network Concepts  
  3.MS- Office (2003, 2007) 3.Type of Network  
  Word 4.Ethernet  
  Excel            5.Cabling  
  PowerPoint 6.OSI Module  
  Ms Access 7.Concept of IP Address  
  4.Internet Browsing & Technology 8.Network Protocols  
  5.Introduction of Electronic (AC, DC) 9.Server/Client Networking  
  6.Basic Electronics & Microprocessor
(Registence, Capacitor, Diode, Semiconductor, Coil, Transformer, Transistor, IC, etc.)
10.Active Directory  
  7.Soldering & Desoldering 11.Network Services  
  8.Logic gates with detail 12.File & Printer Sharing  
  9.PC Architecture 13.Network Troubleshooting  
  10.Introduction of Data    
  11.Different type of Computer Case    
  12.PC Components (Mother Board, SMPS, RAM , HDD, FDD, etc.)    
  13.Expansion Cards (Sound, VGA, USB, SCSI, LAN etc.)    
  14.Optical Drive    
  15.Cables & Connectors    
  16.Assembling of PC    
  17.Printer (Dot Matrix, Inkjet , Laser jet etc.)    
  18.Operating System    
  19.Formatting (FAT, NTFS, Low Level, High Level, Zero Filling etc.)    
  20.Installation (Windows, Linux, Drives, Application Software etc.)